POSTED ON 12 March 2010
today is Friday and ohh yeah we are start to school holiday. say hurray as loud as the screaming near the microphone guyz. ngehehe :-D okeyh stop it and hear my story kay. just take a rest time schooling, suddenly kak fifi came near at me and told can u help guard cooperative sister today because I've police training wire ? can, i said. around three forty-five minutes i go to school wift natasha and care cooperatives that till five ten minutes. our aunt waited till six forty minutes later as she continued to took nadhirah too. while our waited aunt at seberguna, suddenly we spotted Pn.Siti Norliza and called her to spoke about kompang for tomorrow. after that, we go seberguna back and during we heard a suspicious voice near kemahiran hidup workshops. initially, we do not want to go there because of fear but i invited natasha to look what the happened. look-look, a teacher from afternon session was stucked in kemahiran hidup building and can't exit. it so funny u know. i mean, how the teacher's can be like that. we are so suprised and help get the key to open the stairs and continued waited the aunt. suddenly again, wan, shoe and the another lepak-ing near me and ntsha. they were so sporting. we singing wift guitar and bla bla blah . . bubbye :-)