will not enter again maybe :D
POSTED ON 23 February 2010

today I woke up at 5.30 this morning. woahh ! it is very early to me. after my bath,prayers and breakfast, I went to school wearing the yellow baju kurung and white tudung because of a performance that I entered under club's history. I leave home at 7.10 am the morning if not mistaken, mama and me go directly to Sedeli to take si tinggi natasha. she also entered the performance and she wearing the orange baju kurung and black tudung. the way to school, I'm very afraid because of all the people I see wearing the school uniform. untill after near the school, like I do not want to get out from the car and want to back home again but I'm not stupid. I mean, where I will probably be back home again merely because the performance right. HAHA .

in at 7.30 am, assembly started, but not yet started the performance okeyh :) * sigh. natasha and I was put my bag in one class may be 4 levels( i do not remember) and we felt very afraid during it. in the performance, we asked to be like a model traditional costumes and we asked to find a different race partner. haiyoo, I wondered for a new pair with natasha firstly. never mind lah. so, my partner is Latha, my classmate. when everything is arranged(at the time okey), we went behind stage for early preparation. chairman of the council after bla bla bla, we shall turn to make a performance( I was frightened during that). when we are on stage, the song raised glorious path. " merahmu bara semangat waja . la . la . la . . and repeated, untill berkibarlah three time". I felt it was very long and I think that song memboringkan =.= HAHA . the end( I down stage as fast as lightning. HAHA) . after that, catching a photo session. as my mama do not allow me to bring her camera, so no picture can I share with you at here. fullstop !

p/s: sorry for the broken english