thurs day
POSTED ON 25 February 2010
today was nothing suck happened at school. ohh yea . this morning there is a new teacher who replaced Puan.Asiah, his name is Encik Jamaludin kot =.= . I found out the news that a new morning assembly time. after the assembly finished, I got into my class. during the third and fourth period is pjk. my class was combined with marikh class(girls only) and my teacher was absent because she must go somewhere( I also didn't knew where). suddenly, electricity in my class was not working. it so f*ckin damn hot -___- after the break, fan are working back because farhana already told a uncle to repaired the electrical. tenkiu farhana *.* . after that, had agama period . . . . science period . . . . and and the bell was ringing * * * and I even went home. daa ~