nobody perfect
POSTED ON 08 December 2009
too fat?
too thin?
too tall? says who?
we should stop comparing ourselves.
wif de popular stars and groun.
constantly over ourselves so-called imperfect body.
most importantly is we should like what we see
de reflection in de mirror.
keep in mind that life is not about how you look .
but,it's about how you live it n make de most out of it.
just be urself, dun listen to lies.
let it all out,let out your cries.
de insults are there.
you're ugly and fat? de truth is you are you and that it's.
you may feel down about ur look.
but remember,
u're not a modelling,not a pict may not beautiful
ur cloth may not always be kind.
but u're as good as de rest.
everyone is beautiful in their own special way and be sure to remember diz each and every day.
fullstop !!!